My Hero Academia Shares Hawks' Sins and Past with the World

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has shared Hawks' past and sins with the world. The fight between the heroes and villains might have temporarily come to an end, but the war is far from over as hero society has begun to crumble as Dabi has begun a series of critical reveals. Dabi decided to take the opportunity to kick Endeavor and Hawks while they were down as he aims to completely destroy the world's view of heroes. In doing so, he dove deep into Hawks' mysterious past and revealed some major new details to the world.

Chapter 291 of the series continues Dabi's series of reveals, and while his main goal was to destroy the people's faith in Endeavor, he's now crumbling the top heroes all at once. As a way to help cement all of his reveals about Endeavor in people's minds, he made sure to lay out some new facts about Hawks as well.

As a way to heighten all of the reveals that he was Endeavor's long thought dead son, Toya, Dabi sought to reveal terrible details about Hawks to better help the people lose faith in the heroes. He starts this by showing a video of Hawks killing Twice. Although this was the case, the video Dabi showed was doctored to make it seem like Hawks killed a villain in cold blood and without remorse.

My Hero Academia Hawks Sins Past Dabi Reveal Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Dabi then told the people through his public broadcast that Hawks had killed Best Jeanist (which was later proved to be untrue) to curry favor with the villains, and then further implied that Hawks was fine with murder as his own father was a killer villain as well. While these confessions about Hawks have been doctored, there is a nugget of truth to each of his statements.


This only raises more questions about Dabi's reveals in general. If he were wrong about Hawks, could he potentially be messing with Endeavor in this situation as well? Although he does state he's willing to submit to a DNA test to prove his Todoroki claims, does his claim about Hawks start fracturing everything else?

But what do you think? Do these doctored videos create enough of a sense of deniability for Hawks and the other pro heroes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!