My Hero Academia Reveals Endeavor's Hunch About Toya

My Hero Academia has shared some tough lessons over the years, and they never get any easier to learn. Izuku and Bakugo have been drilled with tough love for some time now, and others are joining them in that respect. After all, Endeavor just learned something the hard way, and it turns out the hero suspected it was true all along.

Well, for the most part. It seems the Pro Hero got a few facts fuzzy with his prediction. After all, Endeavor was correct about his eldest son being alive, but he did not know who Toya had really become until Dabi opened his mouth.

My Hero Academia Endeavor Anime
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Recently, fans learned the ugly truth that Dabi was none other than Toya, and the revelation shook the fandom. In fact, fans are still grappling with the information weeks after its debut, and Endeavor is also floundering under its weight. Thanks to the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, fans watched as Endeavor blanched before his long-lost son, and the hero confessed he never believed Toya was dead.

"And yet, at the time, I kept searching for you. I didn't believe you were dead," Endeavor reminded himself during a lengthy flashback.


Sadly, Endeavor's denial did not help him find Toya as the boy did not want to be found. After seemingly faking his death, Toya ditched his familial roots to become the villain Dabi. He has spent his whole life waiting for the right moment to wreck Endeavor's image. That time has come, and it seems Dabi has successfully curdled Endeavor's image. But in the end, it seems like the Number One hero couldn't care less about his reputation now that he knows his hunch about Toya was right.

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