My Hero Academia Teases Major Dabi Battle

My Hero Academia is neck deep in the Paranormal Liberation Front War, pitting the heroes of UA [...]

My Hero Academia is neck deep in the Paranormal Liberation Front War, pitting the heroes of UA Academy against the villainous organization, and the most recent chapter of the manga is hinting at a big battle for the fire wielding villain named Dabi. Dabi, who first appeared attempting to kidnap Bakugo to wrangle him into their ranks, is a high ranking member of the League of Villains and leads the Vanguard Action Guerllia Warfare Regiment Violet. Though his origins remain a mystery, his Quirk speaks for itself as he burns whatever obstacles that appear in his path!

Warning! If you haven't had the chance to read Chapter 264 of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some deep spoiler territory!

This chapter didn't focus on Dabi throughout, but rather, focused on the young heroes of Class 1-A assisting in a charge against the Paranormal Liberation Front, as well as the tense confrontation between Hawks and his former friend Twice. Of course, as we know, Hawks wasn't truthful in his allegiance with the Front, instead working undercover with the organization in order to feed information to the heroes who are in the middle of the attack.

Twice, who Hawks considers to be one of the most dangerous villains within the Front, is usually thought of as a joke, but his quirk hides a dark secret that allows his multiplication ability to run wild when out of control. With Hawks' pleas for Twice to turn himself in, the masked villain finds himself unable to control his emotions and beings the "Sad Man's Dance", which has his quirk releasing a ton of clones from his person.

As we leave this scene, we are shown Dabi rushing to see what is going on, which will surely place Hawks in a tricky situation in trying to take down two of the most powerful members of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Unfortunately for the winged wonder, it's a fight that he might not be able to win.

Many have wondered just what Dabi's origins are, with many believing that he has ties to the current number one hero of Endeavor, and may in fact be one of his sons. Regardless of his early days, Dabi is still one of the most deadly villains in the universe of My Hero Academia!

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