My Hero Academia Meets DC Comics with This Superman Crossover

When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans know the series rarely shies away from comic comparisons, and it often leans into them. From Marvel to DC, the hit manga clearly takes cues from previous superhero pantheons. As My Hero Academia pushes forward, comic fans have made their crossover dreams more prevalent than ever, and one artist has made their vision known with a special Superman tie in.

The art comes from Reddit user ZEPPEIL. The artist decided it was time to imagine how Clark Kent would fit into My Hero Academia. It was there Superman got a full makeover in line with Kohei Horikoshi, and fans admit they can see a scenario in which Clark fits with Izuku Midoriya.

Clark Kent/Superman (mha x DC) from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

This fan-art breaks down Clark's description and his fictional biography suits him well. According to the profile, Clark was put on the map during "the sinking of Lanai, one of the islands in Hawaii, where he had to hold up the island for 3 hours while it had to be evacuated."

The description goes on to call Clark the strongest hero in the world. His physicality cannot be matched, not even by All Might in his prime. However, he does have weaknesses. Clark is said to have a weakness to radiation as it drains power from him. You can bet Kryptonite would also land on that list, but there is no word on whether such ore exists in My Hero Academia. But if Clark were to ever enter the manga, well - it would have to be so.


There are no plans to ever rope Superman into Horikoshi's series. However, this kind of crossover makes a very compelling argument for it to happen. And if DC ever approves of the move, you can bet My Hero Academia readers will expect a Clark similar to this one to introduce himself to UA Academy.

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