My Hero Academia Gives Toga Bloody New Look in Cool Art

My Hero Academia is ready to take on a new arc, and you can hardly blame readers for looking ahead to what's next. After all, the series has been dabbling with dark themes for over a year now. While Class 1-A prepares for war, our villains are cooking up their own plans. It seems like Toga will be up to bat before long, and some new key art has gone live teasing her bloody return. 

Not long ago, My Hero Academia chapter 341 put out a special poster of Toga, and creator Kohei Horikoshi did not skimp on the blood. The poster had fans stunned given how gory the vixen looked, and that has only gotten worse now. Thanks to colorist HEXAMENDLE, Toga's bloody look has been brought into color, and it is shocking to say the least.

As you can see above, Toga is shown in full color here, but most of the heroine is coated in shades of red. The girl is covered in blood from head to toe with only her hair and face mostly coming out clean. It seems as if Toga went swimming in blood to be honest, and the girl would probably love that. After all, Toga is a big fan of blood, and she loves nothing more than to touch the blood of those she loves.

Clearly, Toga is rather unhinged, and that has become more pronounced in the last year or so. The next My Hero Academia arc will likely lean into her crumbling psyche, and Dabi already teased how she will step into the spotlight. After all, she has a vial of Twice's blood on hand, and Toga can use the quirks of those she loves after drinking their blood. This means Hawks is in trouble given his history with the League of Villains, and he doesn't even know what kind of trouble is heading his way.

What do you think of My Hero Academia's new plans for Toga? Do you think the villain will be one of the first to revisit Class 1-A? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.