My Hero Academia Announces Season 5 Vinyl Release

The fifth season of My Hero Academia had quite a few intense moments for the young heroes of UA Academy, while also weaving a story for the villains of the League of Villains that left them in a very good position. With season six set to adapt the War Arc, one of the biggest storylines of the Shonen to date, the Shonen franchise is traveling to the past to give fans a vinyl soundtrack for the season that saw both a hero and villain civil war taking place.   

My Hero Academia's latest season was something of a precursor to the War Arc anime adaptation, setting the stage for the catastrophic battle between the heroes of the world and the newly forger Paranormal Liberation Front. The PLF is the combination of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, with Shigaraki and his gang inheriting the massive forces of ReDestro's army as a result of All For One's heir defeating the head of the MLA in one-on-one combat. With Shigaraki now leading an army that is over one hundred thousand strong, while also having nearly unlimited resources, expect the sixth season to be one of the biggest seasons of the Shonen franchise to date, as the anime adaptation is sure to animate more than a few casualties during this brawl. 

Milan Records gave fans a look at the vinyl record for My Hero Academia's fifth season, which retails for a little over $30 USD and captures the tracks of the season that brought us the Joint Training Exercise Arc, The Endeavor Agency Arc, and the My Villain Academia Arc to name a few:

My Hero Academia didn't just release the fifth season last year, it also took the opportunity to pit Deku, Shoto Todoroki, and Bakugo against the cult known as Humarize in the third film of the series, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. While the franchise hasn't revealed if we'll be seeing a fourth movie arrive this year prior to the release of the sixth season, the creator of the series has stated in the past that fans might be looking forward to around seven more movies in the series.

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