My Hero Academia Art Imagines Izuku's Impressive Marvel-DC Exchange Program

When My Hero Academia first debuted, and even to this day, the series elicited comparisons to the superhero worlds that have already been established with Marvel and DC Comics and one fan has decided to create a "Hero Student Exchange" for UA Academy and two of the most recognizable young heroes from each comic book universe! The main character of the anime franchise, Midoriya, has been spending the entirety of the series attempting to become a professional hero and certainly the likes of Peter Parker and Gotham City's Robin would be the best to show him the ropes!

My Hero Academia has done a fantastic job of creating a super hero universe that has archetypes that are familiar to the likes of Superman and Batman, while still retaining a sense of originality that has been noted by the audiences that have been keeping up with the franchise. While the students of UA Academy have yet to have an official crossover with any other comic book universes, it's clear that the likes of the young heroes such as Spider-Man and Batman's sidekick, Robin, would most likely do well at UA Academy. Though Robin doesn't have a "Quirk", we would imagine that Peter Parker would excel with the other students of Class 1-A!

Twitter Artist OneGingek has shared this impressive crossover fan artist that has Midoriya, Spider-Man, and Robin teaming up to go on a mission that is clearly for young super heroes, with these three crime fighters being the most popular representatives from each of their respective universes:


One of the things that really sets My Hero Academia apart from the comic book universes is that a lot of the villains that they normally fight within the League of Villains are around the same age as the young heroes within UA Academy, whereas Peter Parker and Robin are usually battling villains that are far older than they are. While Midoriya and his classmates have certainly fought older villains such as Gentle Criminal recently and All For One in a past season, the likes of Shigaraki and his fellow villains are all around the same age as the students of Class 1-A, presenting some interesting challenges as the heroes fight dark reflections of what they could have been.

What do you think of this anime and comic book crossover? What heroes from Marvel and DC would you like to see Deku team up with? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!

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