'My Hero Academia' Reveals Details About Its Movie Tie-In Episode

The upcoming episode of My Hero Academia is an original anime story, and it will reportedly tie [...]

The upcoming episode of My Hero Academia is an original anime story, and it will reportedly tie into the movie, Two Heroes.

As promised in the preview at the end of last week's episode, My Hero Academia will be veering away from the manga this Saturday with an original anime plot. The episode is titled, "Save the World With Love," and according to a recent Japanese print publication (translated via @aitaikimochii on Twitter) it will tie directly into My Hero Academia: The Movie - Two Heroes.

"BNHA will be having a special 24 Hour Television Program including a complete original episode called 'SAVE THE WORLD WITH LOVE!'" reads Audrey's translation of the ad. "This story is also connected with the movie, so after watching it, you will have even more fun watching the movie!"

"During Summer Break, Deku and a select few others participate in a very special short course," it continues. "What has begun is a hypothetical villain hostage practice. However, during this practice, an accident happens...?! There is always only one truth!!"

Of course, fans in Japan have already seen Two Heroes, as the movie premiered on Aug. 3 there. It has been met with rave reviews, including here. ComicBook's own Megan Peters got an early peak at the film, and she gave it five out of five stars. Not only is it an outstanding anime movie, Peters called it "one of the year's most energetic superhero films."

The movie is set right in between U.A. High's final exams and the summer training camp arc — likely during the break from seasons 2 and 3. In it, All Might receives an invitation to a man-made island, where researchers and heroes work together to improve quirk usage and hero capabilities in general. All Might brings Midoriya to this "I Island," and the two attend the "I Expo" with other heroes and scientists.

The movie is said to expand the world of My Hero Academia outside of the borders of Japan, and give a clearer idea of how the rest of the world perceives and uses quirks. It also features heart-stopping action and perhaps the only instance of All Might and Deku fighting side-by-side, as it is set before the battle with All for One, where the Symbol of Peace lost his powers for good.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes airs in select theaters across the U.S. from Sept. 25 through Oct. 2. Pre-sale tickets will be available on Aug. 24 through Funimation's website. In the meantime, Saturday's tie-in episode should generate even more excitement!