My Hero Academia Recap Teases All Might's Big Iron Man Moment

My Hero Academia: Memories set up All Might's big upgrade with its post-credits scene!

My Hero Academia is currently readying to return for Season 7 of the anime with a month's worth of recap episodes, and the post-credits scene from the newest episode is setting up for a major All Might upgrade! My Hero Academia: Memories is now airing as part of the ongoing Spring 2024 anime schedule, and it will feature four episodes recapping major events from the first six seasons of the anime ahead of the new season. These episodes also include some special new scenes setting up what's to come, and the newest episode was focused squarely on All Might's journey. 

My Hero Academia: Memories Episode 2 was focused on All Might as he and the other heroes are preparing for the final fight against the villains in Season 7, and he was looking back on the path he's taken to get to this point. While this included many of his biggest moments, a new post-credits scene at the end of the episode teases that though All Might may be powerless without One For All, he's far from out of the fight completely as All Might is preparing for a big upgrade in the new season. 

My Hero Academia: Armored All Might Tease

The post-credits scene for My Hero Academia: Memories Episode 2 sees All Might heading into a dark room. It's here he ponders what's possible for the fight ahead, but it's clear that he's getting something ready as a briefcase starts to glow. Without giving too much away for fans waiting to see it in action in Season 7, this is a special suit of armor for All Might that he will don at a very important part of the final battles. Which means we're getting some big action guaranteed before the season's over. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 will be premiering officially on May 4th in Japan, and Crunchyroll previously announced that they will be the official streaming home for the new season outside of Japan on May 4th at 2:30 AM PT (which will be the weekly release time for the new episodes). If you wanted to catch up with the previous seasons, you can check them out on Crunchyroll as well. 

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