My Hero Academia Features Class 1-A's Winter Costumes

My Hero Academia's fifth season has started the training exercise that pits Class 1-A against Class 1-B, and with this new battle, many of the heroes of UA Academy have gotten a makeover with costumes that were tailor-made for the winter season. As Midoriya and his fellow students note before the team battle takes place, their individual costumes have changed quite a bit since we first witnessed their initial appearances, with the UA Academy students tailoring their outfits to better utilize the power of their Quirks to help them in becoming professional crime fighters.

For Deku specifically, his costume has changed as a result of his continued effort to master the Quirk of All For One, specifically when it comes to his appendages. With new gloves that can better focus the insane power that can be exerted through his hands, specifically through his fingers when he can snap and create a concussive blast, Izuku's outfit has had to change as he realizes he is not the same kind of hero as his mentor All Might. In the earlier parts of the series, Deku would break bones of his own regularly, unable to wield the full power of his inherited Quirk, but luckily, he has realized that using his legs to exhibit his abilities is the way to go.

My Hero Academia
(Photo: Studio Bones)

While the alterations to most of the outfits are slight, with some of the changes to Class 1-A's costumes being barely noticeable, Bakugo stands out the most, having a costume that covers him from head to toe. In typical Bakugo style, the explosive young hero hits the scene and immediately starts lambasting his fellow students for perceived slights. As Deku points out, Bakugo's new winter costume comes with a "heat generator that protects against cold", because the explosive hero's sweat glands are the source of his power.

The episode ended with Class 1-A and 1-B being split into teams, attempting to capture one another in an exercise that splits them into hero and villain roles. While the first half of the season will focus on this UA Academy bout, the second half will take a big departure and focus on the League of Villains, who had to take a backseat to both Overhaul and Gentle Criminal in season four.

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