My Hero Academia Draws Ire After Omitting a Favorite Manga Moment

My Hero Academia is making waves with season five right now, and the show is doing right by fans. After three episodes, fans have been reunited with the students of Class 1-A, and a new mission has begun. But thanks to the anime's latest episode, some fans are admittedly disappointed by a missing scene.

The whole thing dates back to the manga's take on the episode from way back when. As the Class 1-A joint training arc begins, fans are given the chance to ogle at Bakugo's winter costume. Even Izuku takes the time to compliment the look, but Bakugo reacted rather poorly.

You may remember this scene as the manga showed Bakugo biting Izuku's text bubble in light of all the compliments. "I don't want your praise either," Bakugo grits between his teeth. This scene became a favorite one within the My Hero Academia fandom, so many expected it to be adapted in the anime.

As it turns out, that did not happen, and netizens took to social media to share their complaints. Of course, some fans took their disappointment too far, most were respectful with their take on the change. While the My Hero Academia anime has toyed with speech bubbles before, it isn't something the team deals with often. Most fans say these text changes should be left to the manga and Kohei Horikoshi. So if you haven't read this part of the manga, you should do yourself a favor and check it out!


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