My Hero Academia Revelation Revises One of All Might's Lowest Points

My Hero Academia has been careful with its take on All Might since the hero was introduced, and he's been the furthest thing from suspicious. Time and again, All Might has been the paragon of peace for society, and Izuku hopes to inherit that title one day. To date, there's only been one scene that cast All Might in a suspicious shadow, and a revelation made recently has revised it entirely.

The moment in question was brought up by My Hero Academia fans online as they thought back to a conversation All Might had with Bakugo. The hero was asked point blank about his research on One For All and what he is hiding about the quirk. The line of questioning came after Bakugo learned the truth of the Fourth's user death was being hidden, but All Might kept mum on the issue.


Of course, My Hero Academia fans know just how the hero died now. The Fourth user wasn't an evil turncoat or coward. He simply died young because of the quirk. One For All puts an insane amount of strain on the body, and it ended up deteriorating the Fourth's body. As for all the other inheritors save All Might, they died very young in battle, so the Symbol of Peace is the oldest person to have held One For All.

During his chat with Bakugo, All Might said he didn't "want to speculate and talk" about things he wasn't certain about. This was shady at the time, but it makes more sense knowing what we do now. All Might is fiercely protective of Izuku, and he seems to view the boy as his son. The thought of Izuku dying young because of One For All would be near impossible to think about. The guilt weighing on All Might would've been immense back then, so we can give him a pass for this secret. After all, Izuku took the news in stride, and he's determined to outlive any expectations set before him.

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