My Hero Academia Shows Hawks' True Power With Daring Rescue

If anything, the latest episode of My Hero Academia has shown us that Hawks' true power comes from his ability to multi-task as he was able to use his "fierce wings" in order to pull off a rescue the likes of which haven't been seen in the series so far. With the current number two hero teaming up alongside Endeavor against the League of Villains' High End Nomu, it took both top crime fighters to unleash the full extent of their powers to take down the biological nightmare. With Season Four at an end, Hawks definitely earned his top spot!

Hawks is a hero with a Quirk that makes him far more dangerous than one might think, not just being able to fly thanks in part to his wings but also having the ability to control the feathers individually that make them up. With hawks also being able to change the density of his wings to change them into razor sharp blades, he's a force to be reckoned with when it comes to both offense and defense. This latest rescue however showed that the number two hero has an amazing knack for performing multiple tasks at one time.

With the High End Nomu and Endeavor's fiery battle destroying a number of buildings and domiciles nearby, it's up to Hawks to figure out how to get the bystanders caught in the crossfire to safety. Using each of his feathers as an apparatus to bring the civilians to safety, Hawks uses his wings to their full potential by snagging each person in danger and ripping them from their predicament in an amazing display. The number two hero has been in training with the Hero Public Safety Commission since he was a child and it seems as if his many years of preparation have paid off!


Despite his youth, it's clear that Hawks is the best choice for the number two slot when it comes to the heroes of the universe of My Hero Academia and if it weren't for Endeavor and his fiery Quirk, we're sure he would become the new Symbol of Peace for the world at large. With the manga currently covering a brand new story arc that puts Hawks front and center, expect to see much more of this winged wonder as the anime returns in the future with its fifth season!

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