My Hero Academia Reveals the Name of an Important Shigaraki Quirk

My Hero Academia has finally revealed the name of an important new quirk in Tomura Shigaraki's arsenal. The war between the heroes and villains continues with the newest chapter of the series as Tomura Shigaraki has reached his limits with his use of All For One. Although inheriting his master's quirk unlocked a great deal of powers and additional quirks within him, the onslaught of heroes has been so fierce that Shigaraki is barely holding himself together. It's led to him using a familiar quirk that All For One once used in the series' past.

This quirk remained unnamed when All For One used it to activate quirks in others, but the newest chapter of the series finally put a name to this mysterious bracket quirk that continues to emerge from Shigaraki's back. According to the newest chapter, the official name of its quirk is "Rivet Stab."

The newest chapter of the series continues All For One's possession of Shigaraki as Shigaraki's former master contends with Shigaraki's condition throughout the battle. It's clear that the fight between Shigaraki and the heroes its nearing its end, and All For One takes stock of what the situation is for the villain so far.

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He's happy to see Gigantomachia arrive on the scene as Shigaraki is reaching the limits of his body. Thanks to Deku's full power One For All raining down blows on his body and the massive burns delivered from Endeavor's fire, Shigaraki's body can fail at any moment. All For One activated the familiar Rivet Stab quirk through his spinal cord as a way to keep him stable.


All For One's narration confirms that Rivet Stab's been activated together with "auto tracking" (whether or not this is a feature of the quirk is not quite explained, however) as a necessary measure to lessen the strain on Shigaraki's body and mind. There was no indication that it was even capable of this kind of usage when All For One used it in the series previously, so there's a good chance that all of the other previous quirks will have additional boosts as well.

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