My Hero Academia Outs Shigaraki's Final Goal

My Hero Academia is now officially setting the stage for Izuku Midoriya's final fight against Tomura Shigaraki, and the newest chapter of the series revealed the final goal the dangerous villain is setting out for! As the final war between the heroes and villains has begun heating up for its final phase with the latest couple of chapters, Deku has been struggling to make his next move as he's already pushed himself beyond his limits while trying to take down Shigaraki as fast as possible. But the fight is far from over as now Shigaraki has taken back his body. 

With Shigaraki regaining control of his body from All For One in the newest chapter of the series, he's no longer working towards the "Demon Lord" aspirations and domination that the villain had. Shigaraki has one final goal in mind, and it's the same one he's been chasing from the beginning. He wants ultimate destruction, but it's been elevated and focused for this final fight. He wants to destroy the society that stemmed from the same values that ruined his own family. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What is Shigaraki's Final Goal in My Hero Academia? 

Chapter 379 of My Hero Academia picks up shortly after Lady Nagant deals some choice damage to Shigaraki, and it's enough to cause a rift between the two villains in his head. Shigaraki is able to break free from All For One's control, and he's so angered by all of the manipulation that All For One did to him over his lift that he's been pointed in a new direction. While he previously wanted blanket destruction and chaos of the world itself, his time with All For One has given him a proper focus of that rage. 

His anger is now turned toward the idea of hero society itself, but not just in terms of the heroes. It's for villains like All For One as well. Shigaraki declares that everything he's seen in the world stems from everything that broke apart his childhood home, and he won't be satisfied until he destroys everything that's been connected to that point. It means heroes, villains, and literally everything that will stand in his way. 

Now it's up to Deku to stop this path of destruction, but how do you think this final fight between them will go now that Shigaraki is so much more focused? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!