My Hero Academia Explains How All For One Is Still Alive

My Hero Academia knows a thing or two about secrets, but one of its biggest questions about All For One spilled an answer out of nowhere this week. The update came courtesy of creator Kohei Horikoshi who put out a brand-new chapter this week to further the ongoing Hero vs Villain war. And as it turns out, one of the main players on this battle's frontline is responsible for All For One still being alive.

After all, it seems the theory that Doctor Garaki was involved in All For One's longevity was right. The madman did help All Might's nemesis live on well beyond his natural years, and he did so using a quirk. In fact, it was Garaki's actual quirk which kept the pair alive all this time, and Present Mic was as disturbed by the revelation as fans were.

"My quirk doubles my life span while sacrificing physical mobility. Life force. I presented my quirk as an offering to him," the doctor told Present Mic as the Pro Hero escorted him from the ruins of his lab.


As you can guess, Present Mic was horrified by this news, but it answers a long held question about All For One. Garaki hints that he is well into his 100s even though his quirk makes him appear younger than that. There is no firm age given for All For One these days, but the man has outlived seven users of One For All as two of them are still alive. There is no doubt the man should be dead by now, but it is thanks to Garaki's quirk and medical know-how that the villain lives on today.


Now, it seems like Garaki's power isn't enough to sustain All For One these days. The older man is locked in a maximum security prison, and fans do not expect the mastermind to live much longer. After all, the man willingly passed on the original All For One power to Shigaraki, and the younger man is keen to assume the terrifying mantle which his mentor once held.

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