My Hero Academia Teases a Chilling Bloodbath with New Cliffhanger

My Hero Academia isn't the darkest series out there, but the superhero story has its moment. The manga has discovered that firsthand thanks to the ongoing Raid arc that has pit villains against heroes for real. Thanks to a major power boost, Shigaraki has killed dozens of top heroes and nearly level an entire town. And thanks to a new chapter, fans are sure a bloodbath is coming for the manga's most vulnerable characters.

The end of chapter 282 put things out there for My Hero Academia fans when it teased a tragedy for Japan. The Raid arc got out of hand quickly after the heroes lost ground to Shigaraki. The villain's immense power took our hundreds of heroes at worst, and this new cliffhanger promises Gigatomachia will bring devastation to any town that gets between him and Shigaraki.

This civilian bloodbath is made all the more real when several students from Class 1-A learn a massive villain has broken through the ranks. Gigantomachia is trying to get to Shigaraki despite being heavily sedated earlier by Kaminari. Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Iida are informed of the villain's warpath thanks to a public service announcement. And as it turns out, Gigantomachia is set to bulldoze nearly 20 cities to get to his master.

my hero academia

As you can imagine, Ochaco is horrified by the news, and she is one of the rest to realize the bigger issue at hand. Most heroes were sent to Jaku City to take care of the raid that has since failed. A good number of them are dead or incapacitated. This means the cities have no heroes to defend them. The only thing standing between Gigantomachia is Class 1 and a horde of civilians. And if Ochaco's gang cannot stop the behemoth, hundreds if not thousands of civilians will be killed by All For One's greatest creation.

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