My Hero Academia Shows How Heroic Shoto Has Been All Along

My Hero Academia is taking the opportunity to show the tragic tales of the Todoroki family, torn apart by Endeavor's need to create a new generation of heroes that could defeat All Might and his status as the "Number One Hero", and one fan has been able to capture some of the heroic moments of the fire/ice hero that took place throughout his earlier years. Shoto has clearly been one of the strongest heroes currently in Class 1-A, though fans are wondering if this will be enough to take down his brother, the villain now known as Dabi.

Though Season Four didn't see Shoto Todoroki battling against Overhaul and his band of Yakuza or even Gentle Criminal as the lesser antagonist attempted to disrupt the Cultural Festival, the youngest son of Endeavor did get the chance to finally earn his Provisional License Exam. Season Five on the other hand will have plenty of moments for Shoto to shine, as Class 1-A will be battling against their fellow UA Academy classmates in Class 1-B, who have been their rivals since the early day of the Shonen franchise. We won't be seeing the War Arc take place this season, but definitely expect big scenes for all the members of the Todoroki family.

Twitter User Shoto Mallows was able to capture two unique moments in Shoto Todoroki's history in the manga of My Hero Academia, proving that the normally calm and collected young crime fighter is willing to let his anger run wild when those he cares about are threatened:

The Todoroki family has been featured prominently in the recent chapters of My Hero Academia's manga, showing that Endeavor and Rei were anything but ideal parents as they put their children through rigorous training in order to make them potentially the greatest heroes of the world. With Endeavor broken following the War Arc, it's clear that the "honor" of battling Dabi is coming to come down to the youngest Todoroki who will have to put his Qurik to the test in battling his insane brother.

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