My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Heats Up Endeavor's Next Battle

My Hero Academia is setting up Endeavor's next major villain battle with the final moments of the newest My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter! Vigilantes has been getting closer and closer to its grand finale as the climax of the fight between Koichi Haimawari's Crawler continues with the villainous Number Six. Each of them has been growing in strength through the fight, but while Koichi is getting exhausted the villain keeps drawing on new depths of power. As the fight starts to heat up, the other pro heroes in the area have finally made their way back to the battle.

Although the official pro heroes have made their way to the action and are now fighting against Number Six as well, it's gotten to be such a chaotic situation that even those that have arrived are having trouble shutting it down as well. At the same time, Koichi has been running out of options in the fight as well even with the support of the Naruhata public. But the newest chapter adds a whole new wrinkle to the fight as the final moments tease that Endeavor will be joining the fight against Number Six as well...and that's probably not going to go well. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 121 of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes sees the fight against Number Six get a whole lot more complicated as while the heroes have been able to help out, Number Six has only been angered seeing all of the support that Koichi is getting from the public. Cursing the hero over the fact that he's enjoying the life Number Six feels like he should have had, he begins to evolve even further into a wider spread of explosions that the heroes present can't hold back. As it becomes too much for them to handle, Endeavor arrives on the scene just in time to take over. 

The only issue here is that the last time we had seen Endeavor in the fight like this he sort of made things much worse for Koichi. Since this takes place years before the main series, this version of Endeavor is the hardened fighter that takes his wins by any means necessary. He and Koichi crossed paths before, and the vigilante was almost swept up in the pro heroes' flames. It's hard to imagine that his fire will be a good counter to Number Six's explosive energy, but we'll see for ourselves soon enough how that all shakes out. 

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