My Hero Academia Highlights Shirakumo's Similarities to Goku

My Hero Academia's big spin-off, Vigilantes, has surprisingly kickstarted a new arc exploring Aizawa's past, and the series has shown fans a glimpse into Aizawa's days in U.A. High School long before he became a pro hero. One of the biggest reveals that took fans by surprise was the reveal of Aizawa's mysterious other friend, Oboro Shirakumo, who had only been mentioned in passing in the mainline series.

As more details about Shirakumo are starting to be revealed with each new chapter of the series, fans are starting to see some interesting similarities between this young hero and another popular Shonen hero, Dragon Ball's Goku. You can check out the strongest visual example below.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Shirakumo Goku Panel
(Photo: Viz Media)

Oboro Shirakumo's quirk allows him to create clouds, and thus is seems like his full hero costume is inspired by the original Monkey King legend that Dragon Ball'sGoku was also inspired by. With a flying cloud that he rides on top of, a GI, and his own power pole, fans couldn't help but make the comparison to Goku from early on in the Dragon Ball series. Goku hasn't used the Power Pole since he started tapping into Super Saiyan levels of power, but this is a fair comparison to make. Especially given how Shirakumo's clothes and shoes are a dead ringer for Goku's look as well.

If you have never heard of this series, now is the best time to jump in! The next few chapters seem to tease that fans will learn even more about Shirakumo and how he's tied into why Aizawa chose to become a pro hero. With the main series teasing a potentially tragic fate for the character, fans are going to want to keep an eye on him. Now that's going to be easier with these Goku comparisons!


My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a spin-off series based on original concepts from Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia. The series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court and is based on original concepts by My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi. You can currently read new chapters of the series at Viz Media for free at the link here, and the entire back catalog with a Shonen Jump subscription.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is officially described as such, "My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is set in a superpowered society, where there is nothing ordinary about evil anymore. Heroes, trained and licensed to protect and defend the public against supervillains, stand above all the rest. Not everyone can be a hero, however, and there are those who would use their powers to serve the people without legal sanction. But do they fight for justice in the shadows, or for reasons known only to themselves? Whatever they fight for, they are called... vigilantes."