My Hero Academia Fan Details Why Mirio Is Simply The Best

My Hero Academia's fourth season not only introduced us to the villainous Overhaul, but also to the best moments in the career of one of UA Academy's strongest students in Mirio, aka the super hero Lemillion, and one fan has found a certain scene from the manga that shows just why, powers or no, he is simply one of the best heroes in the franchise. During the final episodes of the Overhaul Arc, Mirio lost his powers when he was struck by one of the Yakuza boss' Quirk erasing darts, but that hasn't stopped his quest to become a man that would save a million lives!

Currently in the manga, the young heroes of UA Academy are struggling against Shigaraki and his forces within the Paranormal Liberation Front and Lemillion has not been able to participate in a battle that could surely use his assistance. With the ability to become intangible, aka moving through solid objects, Mirio was able to become a powerhouse through insane levels of training and dedication to his quest in becoming a professional hero. Working under Sir Nighteye and acting as a mentor to Deku, Lemillion losing his powers was a serious blow to the world of heroes but his dedication and upbeat attitude is one that cannot be denied!

Reddit User That's My Enclosure shared a touching moment between Mirio and Eri during the Cultural Festival Arc, with Lemillion mimicking her adorable actions following Class 1-A's performance during this story line that saw them rallying together to form a band the likes of which had never been seen:

Mirio mirroring Eri’s excitement was such a subtle wholesome bit. Some hero’s don’t need quirks. from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

While Lemillion is currently powerless, this isn't to say that this can't possibly be reversed, as the very same power that had taken his Quirk may be able to eventually restore it. Overhaul used the blood of Eri to develop a weapon that could erase heroes' powers, and with the young girl currently attempting to gain a hold over her abilities, she might one day be able to bring back Mirio's powers and restore the hero to his former heights of power. Regardless, it seems that even without his powers, Lemillion is attempting to live up to the high standard he's set for himself.


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