Naomi Osaka, Tennis Superstar, Plans to Celebrate Big Win with Anime Marathon

Naomi Osaka has become one of the biggest names in pro sports and for good reason. The tennis superstar is on a high right now after Osaka won the Australian Open, marking her fourth Grand Slam title. Osaka's victory against Jennifer Brady further cements her place in the industry, and she says she is celebrating the win with lots of rest and anime.

After the tournament, Osaka spoke with Channel Nine in Australia about her plans to celebrate. It was there the player admitted she used to watch the Australian Open at wild hours while living in the United States, so she is in disbelief having won now.

"I'm really just living my dreams," Osaka said of the match (via Yahoo AUS). "I'm always shaking a little bit (at the end). Thank God I had three match points."

Continuing, the player said she hopes to play in the Tokyo Olympics if the summer games are able to go on this year. The Olympics were meant to take place in 2020, but the schedule was shifted after major deliberation. The COVID-19 pandemic made it unsafe to host the event, and discussions are still being held about the Tokyo games in 2021. There is no promise the games will go on, but if they do, Osaka would love to celebrate her native Japan.

"Everyone knows I wanted to play in the Olympics since I was a kid and hopefully it goes through," she said.


As for right now, Osaka has no other plans than to relax. "I'm probably going to watch some anime... maybe (eat) pizza... and go to sleep," she told the news station.

Of course, Osaka deserves nothing less than total relaxation. Training will resume before long, but it isn't every day you win a major title like this. If she wants to watch The Prince of Tennis on loop, that is her prerogative, and we support it all the way!