Naruto Cosplay Resurrects Sasuke's Shippuden Look

Naruto has seen the former anti-hero, Sasuke Uchiha, come a long way over the course of the series, originally dedicating himself only to revenge but eventually coming to the realization that his true purpose was to protect his fellow ninjas in the Hidden Leaf Village. Along with his changes in personality, so to did the Sharingan-wielder change his overall look, with one cosplayer deciding to take us back to the time when he was learning from none other than Orochimaru and was willing to do anything to get revenge against his brother.

During Naruto: Shippuden, Sasuke had left Konoha and was venturing out to gain as much power as he could to take out his brother, the man responsible for the death of the Uchiha Clan who was currently hanging around with the other terrifying members of the Akatsuki. Forming a band of rogue ninjas to help him in his journey, Sasuke was ultimately successful in killing Itachi, but would soon come to learn that what he originally considered to be true was a lie. Itachi had actually been working for the Third Hokage, taking out the Uchiha Clan before they could bring down the Hidden Leaf. Eventually, after many fights against former friends, Sasuke would return as a ninja working to protect Konoha and is currently helping Boruto in his ninja journey.

Sasuke Shippuden

Instagram Cosplayer Rinne Goddess took the opportunity to revisit Sasuke's Shippuden look, not only taking anime fans back to the past, but also bringing back the curse mark that saw the final member of the Uchiha Clan under Orochimaru's sway, but gaining some serious power as a result:

During recent events taking place in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Sasuke lost the use of one of his eyes, as the Otsutsuki living inside of Boruto Uzumaki was able to take control of the young ninja and dove a kunai into the Uchiha. Aside from losing the eye, Sasuke has also lost the power of the Rinnegan that he once had, taking another major ace in the hole from Konoha. With Naruto witnessing the death of the Nine-Tailed Fox as a result of his battle against Jigen, more responsibility is now placed on the likes of Boruto and Kawaki as the Kara Organization still looms large in the background under new management.

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