Naruto Fans Go Viral Over Their Akatsuki Wedding

Naruto isn't known for its displays of romance, but that doesn't mean fans of the anime have not turned the show into something mushy. At some point in time, most couple tend to find a show that defines them, and it sticks with them for as long as their love lasts. Of course, this means some of these shows are incorporated into a couple's vows, but one wedding is going viral for its homage to Naruto - and most importantly - its best villains.

Over on Reddit, the image surfaced courtesy of user pepsimanco. The fan found a slew of wedding photos taken which showcase a beautiful bride and their husband. For the most part, the ceremony looks traditional, but it is very hard to overlook the Akatsuki cloaks which the bride and groom are wearing.

As you can see below, the bride is wearing a gorgeous white dress with a high neckline. Adored with beading, the dress matches perfectly with the bride's jewelry and pinned hair. The groom is dressed far more simply, but fans can really only see the red-and-black Akatsuki cloak he has on.

real hardcore fans from r/Naruto

Of course, the bride has on a cloak of her own, but it is open enough to show off her dress. As other photos show from the wedding, the couple's families also wore Akatsuki cloaks no matter their age. There is no age limit when it comes to joining the Akatsuki, and that is true whether you are a newlywed or rogue ninja.


Of course, fans of Naruto are sending their best wishes to the couple as these photos continue to circulate. It isn't everyday you see Naruto so present in nuptials, and this Akatsuki homage is anything but subtle. Clearly, this couple is one that loves Naruto together, and netizens hope that means the lovers stay together for a long, long time.

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