Naruto Art Gives the Original Anime a Boruto Makeover

Naruto as a Shonen franchise has been running for over two decades, following the Seventh Hokage from being a child hoping to one day be accepted by his ninja village to leading them into a new era as their leader. With the latest section of the Shonen series focusing on his son, Boruto, along with a new threat facing the ninja world in the Kara Organization, and one fan artist has taken the opportunity to re-imagine Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha in their childhood days had they been introduced recently. 

Naruto and Sasuke have changed by leaps and bounds since we witnessed their journey in both Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden, especially considering the fact that the final member of the Uchiha Clan found himself, at one point, threatening to murder the Hidden Leaf Village as a result of the truth being revealed about the life and death of his brother Itachi. Since Shippuden came to a close, Naruto has become the Seventh Hokage and Sasuke has been working not just to protect the Hidden Leaf Village from the shadows but has also taken the role of Sensei to Boruto Uzumaki. While the Kara Organization has changed by leaps and bounds following the death of Jigen, the threat level to Konoha remains high. 

Naruto And Sasuke, Friends Forever

One fan artist took the opportunity to imagine what Naruto and Sasuke might have looked like had they been introduced in this day and age, with the Boruto art style being applied to both the Seventh Hokage and the final member of the Uchiha Clan before they both entered adulthood:

Naruto and Sasuke if they made their debut in the Boruto generation. from Boruto

While the manga is continuing to explore the fight against Kara as the new leader Code attempts to create a new army that is threatening the Ninja World, the anime is exploring new territory by telling stories that never found their way into Weekly Shonen Jump. With Naruto losing the Nine-Tailed Fox and Sasuke losing the power of the Rinnegan, thanks in part to both Jigen and Momoshiki's attacks, the Hidden Leaf Village has changed and the next generation is going to need to step it up far more than ever before.

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