Naruto Answers a Big Question About Jiraiya's Impossible Comeback

Naruto Uzumaki may be the Hokage, but there is no doubt he holds some sort of grudge against the Hidden Rain Village. The location marks the place where his mentor Jiraiya was murdered, and the most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shows the city is in a poor state despite peacetime. But if you have read the manga, then you know this episode did a lot to set up the how behind Jiraiya and his impossible comeback.

Boruto episode 157 brought the whole thing to life when Sasuke and Sai headed to the Hidden Rain Village after the capture of Shojoji. It was there the Uchiha saw the derelict state of the city for himself, but he was surprised to see how much lab equipment was in the city. It seems the facilities there weren't just producing gas as Sasuke thought, and Jigen confirmed that hunch later in the episode.

After all, the leader of Kara says the facility should have been erased given how Kara needed it to be kept secret. No details are given on what was done at the lab or who was working there. But given all its high-tech equipment, fans are thinking this is the area where Amado managed to clone Jiraiya.

naruto jiraiya

After all, the fallen Sannin did die in the Hidden Rain, and his body was left there underwater after Pain finished him off. Amado may have been able to extract enough DNA from the body or even the surrounding area to make a clone similar to how Orochimaru made Kawaki. However, this could also be the area where the scientist did experiments on Kawaki to bolster the boy's body, but there is nothing saying the two places couldn't be one and the same.


Manga readers are curious about this reveal as it was never shown in the manga. This vital piece of information connects clues about Jiraiya and Kashin Koji which readers wanted to be answered. But for now, it seems there are still more questions behind the clone than there are bonafide answers.

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