New Boruto Stills Confirm the Arrival of Kara

When it comes to baddies, Boruto is upping the game in a big way. Manga fans will know where the story is heading with its bad guys, but the anime has just started unfolding that web. Thanks to the show's latest arc, fans have gotten a good idea of how terrifying the Mujina Bandits can be, and that is about to get a lot worse thanks to a certain gang.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for episode 151 of Boruto alongside the manga as well!

Fans were let in on the secret when Animate put up the first stills from Boruto's next episode. The release will help wrap up the the Mujina Bandits arc since Boruto has finally arrived to take on Shojoji face to face. The challenging battle will be a highlight for anime fans, but manga readers know the arc's villain is set to introduce an entire organization this coming weekend.

boruto kara
(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Yes, there is another Akatsuki on the loose, but this all-new group is known as Kara. For some time now, the anime has teased there are forces working behind the scenes to do something unsavory, but the sequel has never delved into the group. Much like the Akatsuki before them, the members of Kara are only seen when absolutely necessary, and it seems like Shojoji is about to summon their presence one way or another.


Of course, manga readers are very familiar with Kara, and they are plenty thrilled to see the gang. Little is known about the group, but its key members have been introduced through several fights to date. It seems the anime is gearing up to introduce the likes of Kashin Koji amongst others, and we are glad to hear it! Now, Boruto just needs to deal with Shojoji so we can all move on to this main event.

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