Naruto Explains Baryon Mode's Sacrificial Secret Weapon

Naruto's Baryon mode is easily the most powerful transformation that the Seventh Hokage has accessed during his numerous adventures, tapping into the full power of the nine-tailed fox and giving the father of Boruto a major makeover. With this insane boost in his strength, Naruto learns from the Kyubi that with this technique, a major price must be paid that might result in the death of both the Seventh and the giant demon that has been residing within his body since he was born. The Baryon mode might have serious drawbacks, but its benefits might be worth it at the end of the day.

In the fight between Jigen and Naruto, it was clear that the Seventh Hokage was out of his depth, even with the insane strides that he's made over his lifetime, with the Baryon mode being his last resort. With the nine-tailed fox explaining that Naruto would be using his own life energy, along with that of the Kyubi's, the Seventh is attempting to end the battle as quickly as possible. With the battle forged and Naruto having a massive advantage against the head of the Kara Organization, it's a race against time for these two enemies. 

(Photo: PIerrot)

Both Naruto and Jigen are tearing through their energy reserves, with each ninja only seemingly hours away from death. Though the Seventh seems to almost claim victory, the Kara leader is able to get the upper hand but realizes that the fight has drastically reduced his life span, with only around fifteen minutes left before he dies.

Needing to take over Kawaki's body quickly, Jigen threatens to kill Naruto, with the newest member of the Uzumaki Clan seemingly being forced to surrender to save his new adopted father.

The Baryon mode comes at a heavy price for Naruto, and readers of the manga know that it brings about a major change in the Shonen universe, which is sure to have a number of anime fans' heads spinning. With the finale of the current Kara Arc approaching, the anime will have to create a few anime-only episodes to give the manga time to create new stories for the television series to adapt. 


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