Naruto Cliffhanger Teases the Fallout of Kawaki's Escape

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is teasing the fallout of Kawaki's escape attempt with the cliffhanger from its newest chapter! After spending the last few chapters of the series exploring how Boruto, Kawaki, and the rest of the Hidden Leaf Village have been trying to recover following the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki. At the same time, we have seen how Code and a few remnants of Kara's work are gearing up to make their move as well, and this temporary ceasefire has come to an end as Kawaki has made the first move with the previous chapter of the series

Kawaki suddenly decided to escape the Hidden Leaf Village in the previous chapter in search of Code after realizing that he was being monitored. Growing anxious over the fact that he has felt so weak thanks to his lack of Karma, and how much danger he's put Naruto in for the future, the newest chapter of the series reveals the fallout of this escape attempt and by the end of it all teases that something even bigger is on the horizon after Kawaki seems to have made things much, much worse with his attempt to go rogue and fix things on his own. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 62 of the manga series picks up right after Kawaki makes his way out of the Hidden Leaf Village, and seeing that he finally made his way out of the border Code immediately made his own move to confront him. It turns out that he wanted to approach Code on his own to somehow convince him to kill him alone and spare Naruto and the rest of the village, but Code immediately rejects this. He reveals that while he's out for revenge against Isshiki's killers, he's also got something else in mind

Code reveals that he's indeed planning to move forward with Isshiki Otsutsuki's initial plan to summon a new Divine Tree and will not only kill Kawaki, but kill everyone else in the process. He's really only there to grab Kawaki for Eida's benefit, and really doesn't care about what Kawaki or anyone else wants as his overall goal is total destruction anyway. But it's clear that Kawaki acting on his own only made things easier for Code and could end up being even worse for the Hidden Leaf Village in the long run. 


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