Naruto Reveals the True Extent of Eida's Power

Naruto's Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has reached a surprising climax of the Prophecy Arc with the latest chapters of the Boruto manga, and the newest chapter of the series has revealed the true extent of Eida's power. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' manga has been setting the stage for the time skip that opened the sequel series overall, and has been making huge strides forward in terms of setting up Boruto and Kawaki's stand off. This becomes even more true with the newest chapter of the series as Kawaki's still on the run after hiding away Naruto and Hinata while trying to take out Boruto. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has made things even more complicated than ever before as now the time skip is even more in question. Eida's power was already revealed to be an ability that even Momoshiki Otsutsuki couldn't get the full bearing of when speaking about the extent of her power with Boruto, but the newest chapter of the series revealed that her ability is actually full on Omnipotence. It's an ultimate power that can make anything Eida wills real. Such as how she uses it in Boruto Chapter 79

(Photo: Shueisha)

Naruto: What is Eida's Real Power? 

Boruto Chapter 79 sees Eida using her power to make Kawaki and Boruto switch roles. It's not exactly a bending of reality, but more of a suggestion of it. Momoshiki explains to Boruto that this is the real power of Eida's charm ability. Momoshiki details that it's a divine power that Eida can't control just yet, and brought about by the Omnipotence Shinjutsu. It's described as the top of the top in Shinjutsu, and a programming language said to have been used to create worlds. 

It's the will to make anything they want real, and Boruto finds out that it's an ability that she can't control. Because she can't control, it's making her subconscious desires real. Kawaki becoming Naruto's real son was just another aspect of the ability to make things real, and through Eida, Kawaki had made Ominpotence to make this new reality happen. It's not perfect as those like Sarada have been able to escape the ability, and now it just remains to be seen what happens to Eida's use of the power. 

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