Naruto: Breaking Down Boruto's Switch With Kawaki

Naruto: Boruto Next Generations has certainly found some... unexpected ways to keep fans' attention – and the latest plot twist may be the wildest one yet! 


Boruto Chapter 79 is now out, and the latest chapter of the manga picks up with Hidden Leaf Village's frantic chase to apprehend Kawaki, who betrayed everyone's trust by using his Otsutsuki powers to trap Naruto and his wife Hinata in another dimension. 

The chase for Kawaki takes an unexpected turn when it catches the attention of Ada; Kara's ultimate cyborg has the hots for Kawaki and won't let anyone threaten her man: Ada reveals that she has the powers of speed and flight and uses both with her Clairvoyant vision to get to Kawaki's location before Boruto or the rest of the shinobi forces can. 

Kawaki isn't mad to see Ada – he's more upset that he hasn't dealt with the threat of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who is still lurking inside Boruto. Kawaki knows that Momoshiki could threaten Hidden Leaf, and Naurto's life, at any time in the future – but he's also torn by his bond with Boruto, and what killing him will do to Naruto, his family, and the village. Kawaki's melancholy feelings reach Ada and spark a new kind of power we've never seen in the Naruto series! Tapping into a divine power called "Omnipotence," Ada literally changes reality itself, so that everyone (but a select few) thinks Kawaki was always Naruto's son, and Boruto was the outsider who just "killed" the Hokage! 

What Does Boruto & Kawaki's Switch Mean For Naruto? 

(Photo: Viz Media)

Boruto has always been playing a game with fan expectations, ever since its very first scene. The series began on a flash-forward that showed older versions of Boruto and Kawaki having an epic battle over the ruins of Hidden Leaf, using their Otsutsuki powers. The context around why that battle is taking place has been a driving force of the series, and also the source of many of the biggest plot twists, and changes to Boruto and/or Kawaki constantly make us revise earlier theories. 

Right now, Naruto fans are wondering: How long is Boruto's altered life story going to stick? Could it possibly be his fate for the years it takes us to get to that flash-forward in his teenage years? If so, it could be an interesting twist one what we thought we knew to find that Boruto is the one "attacking" Hidden Leaf, in order to get to Kawaki and set things right. 

If this change is a whole new Volume of story for Boruto, it will certainly be an interesting one. Naruto: Shippuden was certainly a whole different kind of series than the original Naruto; Boruto having to strike out on his own with an evil monster lurking inside of him (Momoshiki), could make his next chapter even darker and more serious than Shippuden.

Wouldn't that be wild? 

Boruto's latest manga chapters are free online to read.