Naruto Cosplay Features Sakura's Eternal Rival in Ino

For years, the anime franchise of Naruto has introduced us to a nearly countless number of ninjas across a number of different villages, and the mind swapping rival of Sakura, one of the original members of Team 7, is being honored with cosplay for the character of Ino. Ino was one third of Team 10, joined by the likes of the tactician known as Shikimaru and the rotund ninja named Choji, and eventually was able to move past her rivalry with Sakura after settling down with Team 7 member Sai and letting go of her crush for Sasuke Uchiha!

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Ino has become a mother to the young ninja, Inojin, after having discovered her feelings for Sai and deciding to settle down to start a family. While Ino isn't on the front lines anywhere near as much as she once was, normally jumping into battle alongside her fellow young ninja in Team 10 under the tutelage of Asuma, she still remains a powerful ninja within the borders of Konoha. With healing abilities that are much like Sakura's, Ino has the added power of being able to swap her mind with an opponent's taking over their body for a limited amount of time!

Instagram Cosplayer Roga_No_Noge shared this impressive lighted take on the brain swapping ninja that was one of the first students introduced to the franchise following the arrival of Team 7, proving that the warriors of Konoha had more than a few ninja tricks up their sleeves:

Currently in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, in both the anime and the manga, the villainous Kara Organization is unfurling their plans for the Hidden Leaf Village, and the world at large, as they attempt to fulfill the desires of the celestial ninjas known as the Otsutsuki! While Ino hasn't played a heavy role in the proceedings, it will most likely be all hands on deck when it comes to fighting against Jigen and the rest of the nefarious collective.

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