Watch: Naruto Shouts Out for Sasuke in 10 Different Languages

One of the most iconic tropes of the Naruto series is no doubt Naruto crying out for his best friend/rival, Sasuke. The original Naruto series and it's Naruto: Shippudensequel series provided fans with enough Naruto "Sasuke!" moments to keep generating memes for years on end. Today however, one Naruto fan has taken the unique step of putting together a supercut of Naruto's big shoutout for Sasuke, expressed in no less than 9 languages. English, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Spanish (from two regions), Portuguese (from two regions - listen below to hear Naruto getting emotional over Sasuke in each of those languages!

Okay, so this is a pretty cool little mashup. one of the biggest points of curiosity in anime is no doubt the finer points of translation one it comes to dubbing over the original Japanese audio. This clip is an intriguing example of the dubbing process, as just one single character name ("Sasuke!") carries so many different tonal implications, depending on the dub. At the same time, the different languages of these 9 different countries are all unified under one common understanding of the Naruto/Sasuke friendship, and its epic development during the Naruto saga.

Naruto fans may want to take a moment and soak up these fond memories of Naruto and Sasuke's time together, because it may not last that much longer.

The current "Kara Arc" in the Boruto manga (which has also now started in the anime as well) has dropped some pretty big game-changing new developments for the entire Naruto saga. A new Otsutsuki threat is rising; long-buried secrets of the alien clan are coming to light (like how to really kill them), and the stakes run as high as having Naruto's son Boruto transforming into an Otsutusuki, and/or all of Earth being mined of its chakra.


If that wasn't high enough stakes, the newest Otsutsuki, Isshiki, has just shown up at the gates of Hidden Leaf village, with Naruto and Sasuke preparing to fight to the death to defend their home. And the death of at least one of them seems all too likely: When Naruto and Sauske fought Isshiki in his incomplete form, Sasuke was nearly killed, and Naruto was left imprisoned. The rematch will be even bloodier.

Boruto's anime has resumed airing new episodes.