New Boruto Chapter Drops Death Flags for Sasuke and Naruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just dropped major death flags on both Naruto and Sasuke, and fans may want to strap in. As things are looking now in the Boruto manga, one of these Naruto Saga titans (either Naruto or Sasuke) could actually die, very soon. That's because Boruto's new "Kara Arc" has done nothing short of changing the nature of the entire Naruto series - especially the major final arcs of Shippuden. A powerful Otsutsuki enemy (Isshiki) has arisen, and now the Hidden Leaf Village is under the worst threat of attack we've seen since Pain came to down. This is about as deadly a battle as Naruto and Sasuke have ever faced.

Warning - Boruto Manga Chapter 48 SPOILERS Follow!

Chapter 48 of Boruto sees Isshiki unveiling the massive powers of his rue form in the battle with Jiraiya's clone, Koji Kashin. This battle was all part of the chess-like plan of Kara's chief scientist, Amado, who has defected to Konohagakure to ally with Naruto. By unleashing Koji Kashin against Kara' s leader Jigen, Amado forced Isshiki to stop using Jigen as a host body, and fully manifest his true form, using Jigen's unstable body. That process eliminates the other backup Karma seals that Isshiki could use for resurrection - making the Otsutsuki lord vulnerable for a rare (and quickly closing) window of days.

The one downside to Amado's plans are that Koji Kashin is no match for Isshiki, and is nearly annihilated, without putting a dent in the monstrous Otsutsuki. The other downside is that Isshiki also knows just how vulnerable he is right now, and also knows just where to find a proper vessel, that can fully contain his true power. That vessel is Kawaki, who is now under the protection of Naruto and Konohagakure. After dealing with Koji Kashin, Isshiki wastes no time at all: he teleports straight to Konohagakure, terrorizing the village by appearing in the skyline like the angel of death.

As Amado explains, only Naruto and Sasuke - the top shinobi who stood against Kaguya Otsutsuki - stand a chance of defeating Isshiki while he's in this compromised form. But no matter what Amado says, the evidence is pretty clear that Isshiki is more powerful (with deadly new jutsus) than any Naruto foe we've seen before. Naruto and Sasuke know it, too, as Sasuke straight up tells Boruto that he and Naruto are ready to die in this fight:

Boruto Manga 48 Spoilers Naruto Sauske Death vs Isshiki
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Boruto has always hinted that something tragic befalls Naruto and/or Sasuke before we reach Teenage Boruto's battle with Kawaki - do you think we've reached that moment?

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