Naruto Fan Discovers Brutal Reference to Jiraiya in Minecraft

There has perhaps been no more tragic death in the Naruto franchise than that of the titular [...]

There has perhaps been no more tragic death in the Naruto franchise than that of the titular character's mentor, Jiraiya, who fell before his former student in the form of Pain and one fan of Minecraft discovered an absolutely brutal reference to his death in the game that allows players to create their own worlds! The most popular ninja anime franchise has given fans a number of sad moments throughout its years of history, showing how living the life of a shinobi can be a tragic one between some of the exciting adventures.

Jiraiya may have died during the time of Naruto: Shippuden, attempting to take down Pain before he was able to personally destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, but he recently made a return in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations via a time travelling adventure taken by the son of Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha. With Boruto learning more about the sensei who taught his father how to perform the Rasengan, as well as numerous new approaches to being a ninja, this anime only story certainly did a great job of increasing the popularity of the sequel series of the franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto!

Reddit User Arnas890 found this heart wrenching, albeit hilarious, reference to Naruto with a duplicate of Jiraiya living beneath the water, which is where his body now resides after being killed by his former student Pain with a resurrection seemingly less likely as the years pass by:

RIP Jiraya from r/Naruto

While Jiraiya has seemingly been dead for quite some time, a new mystery has brought the spirit of the white haired "pervy sage" back into the minds of readers of the Naruto franchise as a member of the Kara Organization appears to have more than a few connections to the deceased ninja warrior! Kashin Koji is an enigmatic member of Kara, the newest villainous organization threatening the Hidden Leaf Village, who has displayed similar abilities to Jiraiya since he first appeared. Sporting a somewhat similar appearance to the fallen ninja, Kashin has used a number of similar ninjutsu abilities such as summoning larger than life frogs that has fans wondering what his connection to Jiraiya might be!

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