Naruto Drops Big Teaser About Kashin's Identity

Naruto Uzumaki knows his ninja well, but there are some fighters who the Hokage knows better than others. Of course, ninja like Sasuke and Sakura fall on that list, but you know Boruto and even Jiraiya have cemented a place in his memory. So when the most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was made public, fans were taken aback when the Hokage seemed to recognize the fighting style which Kashin Koji was using.

So you have been warned! There are big spoilers below for chapter 46 of Boruto! Proceed with extreme caution:

If you are caught up with the manga, then you know Boruto covered a lot of ground in its new chapter. The story opened up with Kashin Koji facing off with Jigen. After initiating the battle last month, Kashin promised he would take down the leader of Kara, and the Hidden Leaf heroes watch the fight from afar thanks to a well-placed toad.

naruto kashin koji

As the video feed was shown to Naruto amongst others, it was the Hokage who noticed something strange about Kashin. For one3, the fighter was able to use a toad summon to relay the footage to the Hidden Leaf, but the man was fighting with a lot of familiar moves. He not only used a lot of fire attacks which are native to the Fire Country but he used Toad Oil Bombs and more.

Naruto was quick to recognize this fighting style, but he did not mention who exactly he knew who used these techniques. The Hokage does seem shocked by the fight, and that has led fans to speculate deeper about the possibility of Kashin being related to Jiraiya.


After all, Naruto's deceased mentor has been linked to Kashin numerous times, but this tease has got fans going wilder than ever. Jiraiya often fought using toad-related moves, and he is the only human to ever use the Toad Oil Bombs. And after Naruto's disconcerting comments, fans are all but convinced Jiraiya and Kashin are somehow related.

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