Naruto Cosplay Pays Homage To The Lost Jiraiya

Naruto himself has a lot to be thankful for with his relationship with his deceased mentor Jiraiya and one fan has decided to honor the "Pervy Sage" with a spot-on cosplay that truly brings the Rasengan master back to life. In the sequel series of Naruto: Shippuden, Jiraiya lost his life against his former student, Pain, who had become one of the high ranking members of the Akatsuki and wanted to bring the world to a new level of "peace". Of course, that peace entailed extreme violence and placing everyone under the rogue ninjas' control but still!

In the recent story lines of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans have been left wondering if Jiraiya is actually dead as a suspicious member of the Kara Organization named Kashin Koji not only bares a striking resemblance to the dearly departed ninja of Konoha, but also has used a number of ninjutsu techniques that were wielded by Naruto's sensei in the past. With Kashin Koji summoning a large number of giant frogs during his "career", it's easy to see why the rumors of Jiraiya's demise may not be true after all!

Instagram Cosplayer Nyxi Nymph shared their dead on interpretation of Naruto's deceased master, bringing back to life the man that taught the Seventh Hokage how to wield the Rasengan, summon giant toads, access Sage Mode, and so many other tricks that have helped the protagonist in his adventures throughout the franchise:


Whether Koji is in fact a resurrected Jiraiya or perhaps his son, it's clear that the influence that the "Pervy Sage" had on the Naruto saga is one that won't be disappearing any time soon. With Boruto recently having the chance to meet Jiraiya in one of the latest story lines of the anime via time travel, it was definitely interesting to see how Naruto's son reacted to his dad's teacher!

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