'Naruto' Fans Rise Up Over Controversial Sakura Debate

Naruto fans are never afraid to go to war, and it seems like the fandom is ready to go another [...]

Naruto fans are never afraid to go to war, and it seems like the fandom is ready to go another round. It seems Haruno Sakura is in the hot spot once again, but this time fans are vying in favor of the pink-haired ninja.

So, if you came to rag on the Team 7 member, then you need to see yourself out.

Over on Twitter, a fan by the name Black Bull Dorian got fans buzzing when he shared his take on Sakura Haruno. The post was made a response to a recent 'unpopular opinion' thread centered around the ninja, and he wasted no time laying out facts about the heroine.

"Sakura is the true under dog of the series. She has no bloodline. She isn't some DemiGod reincarnated. She has no magic eyes. And she's still the 3rd strongest shinobi in the Leaf Village. And it's strictly from her hard work. Adult Sakura is undoubtedly Hokage Level," he wrote.

As you might have guessed, the hot take has drummed up controversy amongst fans. Sakura Haruno is one of Naruto's main ninjas, but her powers have been hotly debated for years now. Back when the series began, Sakura drew ire from fans because of her boy-obsessed interests and boastful attitude. However, fans have come to the girl's defense since then by pointing out how human Sakura acted given her preteen status.

Now, fans like Black Bull Dorian are calling out old-school Naruto haters for their unchanged view of Sakura. The character has changed leaps since she became a genin as Sakura has a family of her own. Not only has Sasuke come to acknowledge her power but the entire Leaf Village respects Sakura for her strength. So, if you find yourself wanting to rag on the heroine, then you'll have to first fight Team 7 and a score of loyal fans to get your point across.

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Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. The story follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and features the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.