Naruto Spoilers Reveal New Boruto Transformation

When it comes to Boruto, the sequel has been very careful with its power scaling. Some fans have complained about how the sequel's legacy heroes have been treated so far, but Boruto Uzumaki hasn't been puffed up too much. Despite his genin status, Boruto is as strong as you would expect, but he isn't god-tier strong. But thanks to a brand-new spoiler, it seems Boruto is headed for a sleek transformation that will change things.

Recently, images began to surface online after the latest chapter of Boruto went live overseas. The chapter has been a long awaited one as it did promise to follow Team 7 in their fight with Kara. The crew have had some trouble with the baddie's latest fighter, but Boruto is about to show the gang who is boss.

As you can see below, netizens began buzzing when part of the chapter surfaced showing Boruto looking rather different. It turns out the boy has undergone a new power-up in this update, and it is a significant one. Not only does the technique involve Karma, but it brings back a long-lost god whom Boruto fought once.

As you can see above, the transformation is intense. It forces Boruto to use his Jougan along with his Karma. His hair is given a Super Saiyan makeover which is new for the Naruto franchise, but that isn't the strangest thing. That honor belongs to the transformation's possessed status as it appears Momoshiki Otsutsuki embodies Boruto while this form is active. In strange way, it seems like the boy has become a host much like his dad, but Boruto isn't paired with a chakra monster. Instead, the boy houses an all-powerful ninja god who wanted nothing more than to destroy the Earth when he was alive.


Clearly, Boruto is going to have some big things to tackle in the franchise's future, and this transformation will be one of them. In the same way Naruto wrestled with his Nine-Tailed Fox, it seems Boruto will face a similar battle with Momoshiki... and that isn't even considering the fight he will face with Kara down the line.

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