Naruto Reveals How Far Boruto's Seal Has Progressed

If there is one thing Naruto has made clear over its years, it is that seals are not good. Sure, characters like Tsunade have used seals to help them, but villains have tarnished their name with fans. From the Akatsuki to Orochimaru, these parties have proven seals aren't a great gift to get, so it is important fans know far the seal Boruto wears has progressed.

They got such an update when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live with a new chapter. It was there fans caught up with Boruto after the boy took Isshiki out of the Hidden Leaf. Much to the chagrin of Naruto and Sasuke, it seems the Otsutsuki is now taking interest in Boruto, and Isshiki is the one who updates everyone on how the boy's seal is faring.

"Uzumaki Boruto. Momoshiki's vessel. Your Otstsukification has progressed further than I expected. It's already 70 -- maybe 80 perfect complete. How much power hides within you? Show me," he says.

Boruto Naruto Chapter 38 Karma True Purpose Tease Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

As you can imagine, this is a massive amount of data for Boruto's body to have unloaded. The boy was given the seal shortly after he defeated Momoshiki with a joint Rasengan. Following the battle, Boruto was visited by the man who said anyone who defeats a god is no longer a regular person. That is when Momoshiki bestowed a seal upon Boruto, and the kid has been slowly unpacking the Karma seal ever since.

Fans learned some time ago that Karma turns its user into a living host for an Otsutsuki. Just as Isshiki explained, Boruto will turn into Momoshiki once his seal is fully downloaded. This means Boruto is far closer to that point than anyone expected, and given our previous knowledge of Momoshiki, it is easy to see why fans want Boruto to avoid being assimilated.


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