Naruto Cosplay Shares Shippuden Hinata

Hinata Hyuga long held a crush on the wielder of the nine tailed fox in Naruto, eventually marrying her fellow classmate and having two children with him, and one cosplayer has perfectly captured the energy and aesthetic of the member of the Hyuga clan from her time in the sequel series known as Naruto: Shippuden! Though Hinata has taken a back seat in terms of fighting for Konoha, instead vying to focus on raising her family and backing up Naruto's efforts as the seventh Hokage, she remains an important part of Masashi Kishimoto's sprawling Shonen saga!

Hinata's role in Naruto: Shippuden was a big one, participating in the Ninja Fourth World War that saw all the ninja villages of the world rallying together in a bid to stop the Akatsuki, led in secret by Obito and Madara Uchiha. During one of the final fights of the season, Hinata lost her brother Neji, who was killed during the onslaught of Madara Uchiha as he attempted to wield the powers of all the tailed beasts. Though she was able to eventually heal from the fight and the loss of her half-brother, a part of that day will always live on in her, regardless of building a family with Naruto once they had their children in Boruto and Himawari!

Instagram Cosplayer Fokken Greed shared this impressive cosplay that recreates Hinata's look from Naruto: Shippuden in which she was finally able to reveal her true feelings for Naruto and work with the love of her life to take down the Akatsuki once and for all:

In the war against the Kara Organization, Hinata has yet to join the battle directly, with mostly Naruto, Sasuke, and the members of Team 7 taking the reins of the battle, but the member of the Hyuga clan would definitely be a worthwhile fighter in the brawl against this new villainous ninja collective.

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