Naruto: Wait, Is Kurama Really Dead?

When Naruto first began, fans of the anime would have never expected the Nine-Tailed Fox to become the hero we know today. Despite his horrific introduction back in the day, Naruto Uzumaki managed to make peace with his tenant, and the pair forged a relationship at the end of Naruto Shippuden that made everyone teary. Of course, this means all eyes are on Boruto as the anime just took a major step with Kurama, and they need to know whether he's really gone from the franchise now...

So, the question stands before us... Can Kurama die? And did he really just die in the newest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is yes. The Tailed Beasts can die, and it seems that is really what happened in the anime's latest episode. Kurama did not give his emotional farewell for no reason, and fans will have to come to terms with that on their own.

When it comes to Tailed Beasts dying, it is a rare event, but it does happen. Monsters like Kurama can die, but they do not pass from physical wounds or age. Instead, they die when they expend more chakra than they can recharge, and they have tons of it. This has happened to Tailed Beasts in the past, but they do not stay dead forever. After centuries, these drained monsters do return once enough chakra has gathered to resurrect them, and a reincarnation returns to Earth.

This is exactly what happened to Kurama in the anime, and it is because of Baryon Mode. The surprising form gave Naruto the power to fight toe-to-toe with Isshiki, but it came at a cost. Rather than costing Naruto his life, Kurama put his own on the line to help his host. Kurama used all of his own energy to fuel Baryon Mode, and that is why he had died. This gentle death is what kept Naruto from dying alongside Kurama in the end. And now, the Hokage must come to terms with the loss as he navigates life for the first time without Kurama within him.

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