Naruto: Rapper Swae Lee Shows Off Rock Lee Cosplay

There are dozens of ninjas in Naruto, but there are only a few who can claim to be favorites in the series. Most of the Konoha 11 have staked claim to such status, but there are even members of that group who get more love than others. Rock Lee can count himself as one of those select few, and that is why one A-list rapper decided to share their take on the ninja recently.

After all, Halloween has come and gone, but Swae Lee's costume from this year will live on forever. The rapper made it clear that his 2020 look was dedicated to all things Rock Lee. Lee chose to dress up as the Taijutsu master for a Halloween in, and you can see a video he posted of the Naruto cosplay below.

As you can see, Lee pulled the look together with a green body suit, orange pullovers, and a flak jacket. He has white bandages wrapped around his arms just like Rock Lee, and there is a kunai pouch strapped to his leg. Finally, Lee's natural black hair subs in for the bowl cut that Rock Lee wears, and we are digging this IRL look.

The video shows Lee getting into character as he drops a few kicks for fun. Even Gai could appreciate the rapper's form here, and if Lee had some chakra to throw around, you can imagine how powerful the artist would be.

Clearly, Lee has the right taste when it comes to Naruto, so we are happy to see the singer's take on Rock Lee. There is little doubt Gai would cry over the beautiful cosplay, and honestly, that is the highest praise you could ever hope to get from the spandex-clad sensei.


What do you think of this Rock Lee look? Does it do the Taijutsu master justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.