Naruto Writer Reveals Surprising New Detail on Boruto's Current Arc

Naruto may have ended its main run years ago, but the franchise is living on thanks to Boruto Uzumaki. The boy has put fans through a lot whether we're talking about his manga or anime. However, the show has some fans trading critiques over its current arc, and the anime's screenwriter just took the time to address one question about the controversial story block.

The whole thing popped up on Twitter as Honda Masaya welcomed the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It was there the screenwriter admitted the anime's last two episodes were flip-flopped during production.

"Originally the order of episodes 250 and 249 was reversed, but we decided to switch the order to make the scene where Boruto is attacked by Kobuna more surprising. Therefore, the next episode 251 will be a continuation of 249," Masaya shared. " Finally, the Funato Arc enters its final phase, and the bonds of team 7 will be put to the test. Please don't miss it."

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For those keeping up with Boruto, the anime is still in the Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure arc. Boruto is away from the Hidden Leaf alongside his team and some other friends from back home. The group teamed up with some Kirigakure allies to defeat a villain named Funamushi, but the arc took a dark turn when several of Boruto's allies were killed. These deaths led Masaya and the production team to swap around the arc's episode order. And when the anime returns next week, things will shift back to normal as this arc nears its final stretch.

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