Naruto Turns A Disturbing Page With Konan Cosplay

There have certainly been a number of female ninja that have both fought for and against Konoha within the Masashi Kishimoto anime franchise of Naruto, but one of the most unique definitely came in the form of the one time Akatsuki member of Konan and one cosplayer has been able to perfectly capture the creepier aspects of this "page master"! Though Konan was not able to join the new generation of ninja within the latest series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations for obvious reasons, it's clear that her aesthetic still lingers in the minds of some of the Hidden Leaf's biggest fans!

Konan was locked at the hip with the Akatsuki member known as Pain, the former student of Jiraiya who was responsible for the death of the master of Naruto, and when the one time villain decided to end his quest for revenge against the Hidden Leaf Village, Obito didn't take too kindly to this change of heart. Konan placed herself in between Pain and Obito, unfortunately unable to keep up with the monstrous rogue ninja and ultimately dying in an effort to protect the man who she had sworn allegiance to. Utilizing a unique ninjutsu that gives her power over what look like sheets of paper, she proved to be an amazing warrior as well as creating an amazing aesthetic to boot!

Instagram Cosplayer Cherry_Cosplay shared this amazingly impressive Konan Cosplay that disturbingly imagines one of the the ninja's "pages" being peeled off her own face, to be used as a part of her offensive and defensive capabilities that stood out among the ninja of the Naruto franchise:


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