Neon Genesis Evangelion Reveals How Much Alcohol Misato Really Drank During The Series

The first person that Shinji Ikari encounters during the first episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion is Misato Katsuragi, the operations director of NERV, who was never afraid to knock back a few too many drinks during her time as a supporting character of the series and one website has discovered just how many brews Misato has pounded back during the anime franchise. While Misato herself never jumped into a Eva Unit herself, that didn't stop her from being a pivotal part of NERV's operations in battling against the descending angels that threatened the world more times than we can count!

The website of "PASH! Plus" documented how many beers the hard drinking, expletive flinging operations director of the shadowy organization responsible for creating the EVA units and we can tell you that it is fairly ridiculous seeing it all tallied up. Based on the number of times that they showed Misato drinking and the number of beer cans that can be seen in her apartment she shares with Shinji Ikari throughout the Evangelion franchise, the site had determined that the operations director goes through around fourteen cases of beer per month, spending upwards of $640 USD in just beer. When it boils down to how much she spends per year, it's around $7000 USD so she definitely puts a chunk of change into her vice of choice.

Misato, like so many other members of NERV, faced a terrible end when the organization found themselves overwhelmed by the governments of the world that were effectively trying to destroy them. In attempting to save Shinji's life to give the world one last chance, Misato gave her life and was mowed down by assaulting soldiers that were attacking NERV's underground head quarters. The End of Evangelion ended on something of a dour note for the characters at least, presenting a brand new world that was somewhat molded by Shinji's psyche.

Considering how dark and dire the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion could, be, is it really a surprise to witness how much Misato had drank during her tenure as Shinji's caretaker? With the Rebuild of Evangelion setting to end its fourth and final film in the future, it will be interesting to see how the films end versus the television series.


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