Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Cast Teases Easter Eggs

Netflix has a thing for anime, and the service is not trying to hide it. From original series to exclusive licenses, Netflix users have access to a ton of shows from Japan. Not too long ago, the company delved into adaptation anime for live-action projects, and Cowboy Bebop will be its next release. And according to the cast, their series is loaded up with Easter eggs.

The update comes straight from the cast itself as Cowboy Bebop's leads did an interview for Netflix just recently. The chat, which debuted as part of the virtual event Tadum, gave the actors a chance to talk about the series. It was there Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) told fans to pay close attention to the show because Cowboy Bebop will have lots of hidden secrets.

"There are so many Easter eggs in this show. So pay very close attention because every little thing matters," she said.

Of course, netizens had anticipated this from the start. Cowboy Bebop is considered royalty in the anime community, and the fandom has been wary of a live-action adaptation since the '90s. The fear is easily justified given how Hollywood has handled anime in the past, but Cowboy Bebop is different from the industry's past attempts. The show's focus on multiculturalism makes it a bit easier to adapt, and Netflix's choice to make this a TV show rather than a movie allows it space to breathe. And now, the end result is over a month away from debuting.

Cowboy Bebop will go live on Netflix starting November 19th, and it promises to be a big event for fans. Pineda wants audiences to stay sharp and scan each episode for nods to the original anime and beyond. So when you find an Easter egg, be sure to let the fandom know!


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