Digimon's New Anime Will Be a Reboot

When you think of old-school anime, a few staples should come to mind. For the '90s in particular, series like Yu-Gi-Oh and Cardcaptor Sakura are hard to overlook. Of course, both of these series have been revived and rebooted at this point, but there is one fav who has not. Digimon has been slow with its TV comeback, but that will all change this year.

Starting this April, Digimon will return to the small screen, and it will do so with a big reboot. A brand-new Digimon Adventure show is in the works, and its translated synopsis confirms the show will reboot Taichi's story.

"The Network is now an integral part of human life, but humans don't know it," JP_Exelsior shared on Twitter with fans.

"The protagonist is fifth grader Yagami Taichi, who lives in a high-rise apartment building in the suburbs of Tokyo. He stayed at home alone to prepare for summer camp over the weekend, but his mother and younger sister, Hikari, who went to Shibuya, were on a train that was unable to stop."

Continuing, the synopsis confirms Taichi will entire the Digital World just like he did so many years ago.

"Taichi rushed to Shibuya to save his mother and sister, but the moment he headed to the platform, a mysterious phenomenon occurred, and Taichi entered the Digital World."

This announcement comes not too far from a special Digimon release on the big screen. In a matter of weeks, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution will debut in Japan before heading to the United States. The movie will follow Taichi as a young adult with Agumon, and trailers for the movie stressed this story would be the DigiDestined's last. Now, it seems this reboot will breathe new life into the franchise and give heroes like Taichi a chance to live on for years to come.


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Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna is currently scheduled for a release February 21st in Japan. Tomohisa Taguchi will be directing for Toei Animation, Akatsuki Yamatoya returns from the original series to write the screenplay, Seiji Tachikawa will serve as chief animation director, Hiromi Seki returns from the original series to serve as supervisor, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru returns as character designer, and Kenji Watanabe returns as the Digimon designer.