NFL Team Honors Attack on Titan with a Viral Salute

Despite the ongoing pandemic, professional sports have found ways to return, and football made a big pitch for normalcy when it resumed this year. The organization has imposed strict rules on all of its teams across the country, and players have found ways to lighten things up amidst the unusual season. And for players with the Los Angeles Chargers, well - it seems they're singling themselves out with a nod to Attack on Titan.

Over on Twitter, the NFL team made fans look twice when its official page posted a meme. The simple "salute" comparison shows Joey Bosa geared up for a game on the field with a fist to his chest. The pose may look familiar to you, and if it does, that means you are a fan of Attack on Titan. After all, Bosa is copying the pose Eren uses in the military, and that mirror image was turned into a meme by the Chargers.

As you can see above, the poses are unmistakable as Bosa and Eren look the exact same. Both men have a fist pressed to their chest with their faces looking straight ahead. Their other arm is crooked behind the small of their back, and each man is seen standing with legs spread apart. It is difficult to miss how similar these poses are, and Attack on Titan fans are loving the reference.

After all, Attack on Titan is about to celebrate life in a big way. There is less than a week separating fans from the anime's fourth and final season. Attack on Titan plans to close next year, and its new season will kick off this weekend. And if we had to guess, we would say there are some players with the Chargers who are hyped for the premiere!


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