One Piece Shares Details About the Start of Ace's Manga

One Piece has explored plenty of stories during its run so far, and there are more arcs left to explore. While the main manga works through its Wano storyline, other parts of the franchise are forced elsewhere. One of these is the spin-off manga starring Portgas Ace, and fans have learned more about what its first chapter will contain.

The update comes from a promo released in Japan this week. The advert not only shows off a preview of One Piece Novel A, but it also confirms some important information about the side story. For one, the manga is still being illustrated by Boichi of Dr. Stone, and it will have a hefty first chapter.

According to reports, this promo says the manga's first chapter will follow Ace as he meets his very first crewmate. The One Piece chapter will have a total of 54 pages, and three of them will be color pages.

portgas d ace
(Photo: Toei Animation)

While this side story is an exciting one for fans, it has been around for some time in print. A novel sharing the same name was released a couple of years back. The book, which was penned by Shou Hinata, covers the first part of Ace's story while another author handled the second half. Released in 2018, this hit novel gave fans an intimate look at how the Spade Pirates were formed, so fans can look to the book if they want to know how that goes down.

As for how Ace meets his first crew member, it comes down to an accident. The book regales fans with a story of how Ace and an unnamed man nicknamed Masked Deuce become stranded on an island together. Despite their initial misgivings, the pair become friends after a while, and this bond marks the start of the Spade Pirates. So if you want to see this story play out in the manga, Ace's miniseries is slated to debut later this year!


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